Thursday, April 15, 2010

WIP for Afghanistan

This is a photo of a vest-or-sweater-to-be. Some well-aged Noro Tubu from the stash that I remember getting because of the bright colours, but which never grew up into anything. Some people have asked why I use Noro for items for charity, and the answer is that if I am not going to make anything else from it, why shouldn't someone enjoy it? I get the pleasure of knitting or crocheting with it, and someone gets use out of the final item. I never trust that I'd get a good price on eBay from some of the yarns so why not use them for charity?

This does look a bit unusual because there's a story. It was yesterday's boring-concall knitting project. I thought I'd use US#13 and US#15 needles, but forgot to take the latter with me. So after I did the ribbing I continued just to have something to do - and found I liked the fabric with the US#13 much better. However, the ribbing was much too big and I didn't like it. Since I was nearly at the end of the ball, I just started from the other end, so I am un-knitting yesterday's work (yes, LOTS of concall time!) with a US#11 for the ribbing, and then I'll switch back to the US#13 for the body. I thought it looked fun enough to share the photo.

This is the Steppe Sweater pattern, using the smaller numbers because of the bigger gauge, except that for length I'll probably use the larger number of rows on the body. I am almost done with the three pairs of mittens in Tahki Bunny but I'd left those in the car in my knitting bag or I would have switched to a mitten after the ribbing. I'm glad serendipity worked here.


Kathy said...

Margo Lynn, I enjoyed hearing your reasons for using Noro in your donations. Like you, I enjoy the pleasure of knitting with a lovely yarn!
Can't wait to see the sweater!

MargoLynn said...

Thanks, Kathy! I do keep my share of Noro yarn items - viz. the Silk Garden cardi I finished this month - but I love their colourways so much and am horribly acquisitive. When there's a blanket call again I may make a mitered squares blanket in Kureyon (from the "Little Box Of Throws" or whatever it is called) just to see what happens. The pattern photo looks pretty, anyway.

Elizabeth D said...

MargoLynn, mitered squares in Kureyon are really, really fun -- you can't stop knitting them.

MargoLynn said...

That's what I thought, Elizabeth. I'm tempted to try a pullover with them, maybe simply stripes on the sleeves. The photo sweater is moving along, I am on the sleeves. Gets lots of compliments!

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