Thursday, October 6, 2011

And -- we're back!

Ann just announced the new campaign this afternoon. Link in the sidebar. Please, please, if at all possible, make a sweater -- but if not possible, mittens, socks, vests, and blankets are all needed too. Again, kids 7-16; due date sometime in January. Go over to the A4A site to refresh your memory on requirements, sizing, etc.

I have a sweater that was soooooo close to going last time, but I messed up one of the raglan seams and put it aside for too long. It's coming out and getting finished, for real this time, next week.

Perfect timing for those of us who live where it gets cold in the winter -- just as the weather gets cool and reminds us how miserable life would be without warm clothes.

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Judy said...

OK -- I have a bag of wool saved for an A4A sweater -- I will get started on it while I watch a game tonight. I have been knitting for a new
granddaughter but I like to have more than one project going. I have plenty of sock yarn in my stash so will try for some of those too before the deadline.

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