Tuesday, May 15, 2012

crocheted mittens, again

We got several notes yesterday that people could not access the mitten pattern I'd linked previously. Apparently that was just a glitch; although I could not get through yesterday, it comes up this morning with no trouble. Find it here.

That is the only pattern that I know for sure produces wonderful results, because I have not tested (or asked a friend to test) any of the others. However, when I thought that pattern was gone, I did a Ravelry search and picked a few other patterns that looked good. In case you want to test them (and, if they're wonderful, please report back), here they are:

These are from Drops/Garnstudio; every one of their knitting patterns that I've used has been well written, so I think this should be a good one. They are made in a heavier yarn (Aran weight); you could work a regular closed cuff rather than using buttons.

This pattern calls for chunky worsted. I have no idea whether or not it will work, but I like the way they look and hope she has remembered correctly! I plan to try these, despite my rudimentary crochet skills. (Only one review on Ravelry, but the crocheter finished them in one day and had no complaints.)

This pattern is from Coats & Clark. And they know crochet! I know I don't have to remind you not to use the acrylic yarn called for, but I'm doing it anyway. Wool, please!! Or other animal fiber.

Another one from Drops/Garnstudio, in a different weight yarn (sport weight).

Finally, this one, in worsted weight. No reviews on Ravelry, but they look nice, so let's try.

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