Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July !

Yesterday, Emily (L), Sue (center), Rachel (R), and Jo (hiding from the camera) opened all the packages that have arrived to date for Aschiana. The in-flow of wool socks, mittens, and hats is starting to pick up. Gorgeous workmanship! Lovely items galore. Thank you! Please keep it coming and spread the word.

What are the ladies holding?

Emily has mittens and socks knit by Renee, the moderator of the afghans for Afghans' friends group on Ravelry. In the middle, Sue has items knit by Jean from Maine (they understand cold and wool!), a long-time volunteer and terrific online enthusiast for the project. On the right is Rachel with a4a blog moderator Elizabeth's popular 4-needle mittens (see pattern link here).

Jo came all the way from Fremont, via BART, to help out. This was the first time we met Sue, and hope she'll join us again. Emily and Rachel have been indispensable to the packing team for a long time. So appreciative of their taking time from their own busy schedules to help out.

We got into sizing the hats with our styrofoam wig heads or even our own noggins. Hats have to cover ears and be solidly sew at the top (the dominate variety). While we don't have to worry about armscye, torso, or sleeve lengths for this campaign, we're making sure all the socks, mittens, and hats are in fine form for their recipients. No one would want to be the kid or adult who gets a poorly made gift for the winter, especially with few or no possessions. So, this is what we have in mind when we open the packages. We're serious about the task at hand, but our Basement crew is great company -- and we love seeing gazillion examples of patterns and yarns and always leave tired and uplifted by the generosity and talent of all the contributors. A reason for fireworks, for sure!

In keeping with the spirit of the holiday, we went with American Hershey's.


sherri said...

What beautiful articles. I'm just curious--what do you do with items that don't make the cut?

Afghan Ann said...

If the item does not fit our guidelines -- and so not practical/useful or appropriate to send to Afghanistan -- the item would be given to a local charity if the item would have utility/be wearable by a person here. For example, items made of acrylic yarns, or used items, or an item in camo yarn, hat that does not cover ears if might work as beret/skull cap or something, or a scarf or headband that are not on our list of needed items.

Marcie said...

Glad to hear that things are picking up. For those of us crocheters who still have yarn and time to make things last-minute, what do you think you still need more of--mittens or hats? I've only made mittens so far, but have some great patterns for hats...

Thanks for all your great help, lovely friends!

Jean said...

This is Jean from Maine. I love seeing this picture of Sue (in the middle) holding my socks and mittens that I mailed in. I know my items always get delivered to The Basement, but it's fun to see them actually there. :-)

Jean from Maine

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