Sunday, November 11, 2012

ready to go

Two pairs of mittens and a pair of socks, ready to go. I was about to say they'd be in the mail tomorrow -- but the US Post Office is closed on Monday, November 12, in honor of Veterans Day. I hope I've saved some of you a fruitless trip!

Blue socks: Bartlett's Maine wool in Blue Loch Heather, with stripes in Thistle; red mittens: Bartlett's Maine wool in color (I think) Mountain Berry; ragg mittens: Lion Brand Fishermen's wool held double, with Paton's classic held double for the stripes.

The socks are the standard 40-stitch heavy worsted pattern I carry around in my head; the red mittens are these; and the  other mittens are made following the instructions for the smallest size in this pattern. Because I used a double strand of yarn and larger needles, they came out sized to fit a small to medium adult, which also fits many of the bigger kids. (You can do the same with a bulky yarn -- because the pattern is written in numbers of rows, it stays in proportion.)

We are one third through November, with contributions hoped for by the end of the month. I hope everybody has time to make one small thing.

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Marcie said...

Boy, Elizabeth, I'm amazed! How in the heck do you carry a sock pattern around in your head? Lovely colors, so bright...

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