Monday, December 31, 2012

Yarn for socks or mittens

You all know I am crazy about Bartlett yarns and Peace Fleece for socks and mittens. They are thick, hearty yarns that wear like crazy, and because they are on the thicker side of worsted they knit up fast. Here are the skeins I wound this summer (on the back porch of a house that has since been destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, after resisting bad weather for 80 years):

I have already used about half of this, but I still have plenty to share. I will mail a package of yarn for socks or mittens to 3 readers on Wednesday. That will get it to you by the weekend, in time to finish a pair for the second half of the January campaign. (Because of time constraints, this offer is limited to US addresses only.)

Send your name and address (do NOT post here) to me at - I do need the mailing address, because, although I am pretty good on the computer, I have not figured out a way to email yarn. Also, notice that there is a "y" in the middle of that address.

On to the needles!

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