Thursday, February 7, 2013

Socks and mittens, and alpaca

Although the January campaign has ended, and there's no official due date for the next one, Ann has informed us that we can still send in socks and mittens (hold off on the hats -- there's a surfeit of hats as it is).

So -- once again, I am going to give away some yarn. I still have quite a bit of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine that was generously donated to us by a local yarn shop (the one where I now work a couple days a week, in fact). This yarn is 50% wool, 30% nylon, and 20% alpaca, so it is definitely tough enough for socks, and very warm. Each 100-g skein measures 400 meters (433 yards). My friend Beth held 3 strands together and made some very nice mittens. You could also use a single strand as a carry-along with worsted or DK. And crocheters? This would make wonderful mittens - so soft and flexible and warm.

Send your name and post office address to me at I will pick names on Sunday so that packages can go out Monday morning. Each package will include enough yarn for a couple of pairs of socks or mittens, or, of course, a pair of each. (If you sent me an email last time and were not picked, I will include you in this drawing.) PLEASE remember to include your mailing address; even I cannot email yarn!


Elizabeth D said...

Don't know why this yarn is so unloved!! Not a single request!! I will go into old messages later tonight and send emails to those who asked for Bartlett and did not get any, to see if anyone wants some of this. Otherwise I guess I'll just get to have all the fun.

Afghan Ann said...

I think we just don't have lot of readers lately. Let's have a roll call!

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