Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hurray! A new campaign!!

This one is all for girls, ages 7 to 16. Imagine, a school is being built for girls, by the community -- not too many years ago no one would have believed it.

First on the list -- a sweater for every one of the 500 students expected to enroll. Think about it -- you have a few months. It doesn't have to be fancy, but it does have to be well made, and it must follow these guidelines:

  • long sleeves -- no 3/4, no vests; sleeves must come to the wrists. 
  • hem well below the waist
  • no low necklines -- they don't have to be turtlenecks, but modesty is crucial

Don't like these restrictions? Think of it this way -- if A4A were to send a garment that didn't meet those standards (and they won't, so we don't need to worry) you could literally be putting that girl's life in danger.

Also, sweaters going to Afghanistan should be shaped just like sweaters for kids here at home. You would not believe some of the odd things I have seen in my many years of community knitting!

Here is the link for all the guidelines and more information on the school:

Afraid of sweaters, or know you won't finish in time? There is still a need for socks and mittens. Some hats, too, but concentrate on the other things if you can.

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