Friday, April 26, 2013

One More on the Way

This pullover is packed and ready to mail, along with a hat from the last project. It is a good pattern  for using up stash, called Back-to-School Pullover. Right now I am finishing the second sleeve of the next sweater, so it should be ready soon.


Diane H said...

The pattern isn't on Ravelry! You could be the first to post the project! I like the look of the sweater - where might I find the pattern?

Linda S. said...

I downloaded the pattern a long time ago. Here's what I just found out. It is designed by Melissa Leapman for Monsanto's Designs for America Program. I googled designed by... and it went straight to You have to join (for free)but the pattern is there. I've knitted 4 of these for a4A. The biggest size says 6. But the chest is 32"; 18" length; 12" sleeve.

Diane H said...

Thanks - love Melissa Leapman!

Afghan Ann said...

We packed yesterday at the AFSC Basement and opened your package. Thanks so much, Linda.

We have about 75 sweaters now -- on our way to the goal of 500 sweaters for the girls.

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