Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Annette in her garden ...

We've received several terrific photos of knitters in action that we're giving to Budd of NGO Trust in Education for his presentation to the girls at the school in the fall.

I just can't resist sharing this photo of Annette with you. I'm not sure whether we should laugh or cringe. Do you realize what's in her photo?

Keep in mind, I just saw Annette today at our packing session. She's here in San Francisco and a long-time volunteer. Her specialty is opening large piles of packages for hours, dealing with the recycling of all the cardboard, and reviewing notes enclosed from volunteers. (Thank you Annette! xoxoxo)

Annette has been *crocheting* terrific sweaters. Not easy to do. Crocheting a garment has particular challenges for fit, fabric texture (gauge, I suppose?), and drape -- the crochet stitch has less elasticity and is more dense. Annette has mastered the crochet sweater.

Annette gave me permission to post this photo. I hope that none of our Afghan friends see this photo!

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carolknits said...

Beautiful sweaters Annette!

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