Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That's Bolani with a capital "B" in Culver City.

Last December, I was knocked out to find Bolani's bolani for sale at Costco in San Francisco. (Bolani, with a capital B, is now their trademark.)

Well, lo and behold, I was at the farmer's market in Culver City (next to Los Angeles) a couple weeks ago and ran right into the Bolani booth! Meant to be, no doubt. I was with my friend Wendy. We spent quite a long time hanging out with the hospitable Ahad, who joyfully served samples of bolani, including spinach, pumpkin, and lentil, with sauces. He's was a magnet for shoppers in a place where no one slows down for much. How about a bumper sticker that says: "We brake for Bolani! (I am going to email Ahad about that.) We had such a fun time and went home with several packages, but not enough. One of Wendy's sons is a vegan, so she was thrilled to find a new option for the family table.

Ahad's family left Afghanistan in the 80s, and he talked with us some about their experience. Ahad is a marvelous ambassador for his homeland. He's also modest and doesn't really like photos, and I think he was just too darn nice to say no --

(I am the one in the Noro shawl.)

If you or your friends are in Los Angeles. Visit the Culver City farmer's market on Tuesdays and say hello to Ahad.

Tell him you are knitting and crocheting for the people of Afghanistan. Stock up on Bolani.

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Afghan Ann said...

Back in SF ... Bolani run to Costco tonight, just before closing time. What was in my shopping basket? 4 rounds of Bolani, 3 gallons of mouth wash, a 6-pack of reading glasses, 300 band-aids, 3 sprinkler heads for the garden hose, and a case of tissue paper. On the way home, I get pulled over by 2 police on motorcycles with their lights flashing. They said I was driving too fast and didn't signal. Huh? That's not me at all. I apologized. Then I mentioned that all of 7th Street smelled like pot, and did he notice? He told me to be careful driving, and they headed into the Tenderloin. I wasn't going fast, just faster than all the people texting and on their phones (and smoking?) and jamming up the traffic flow. Anyway, back to the Bolani (spinach!) in my trunk. I was hungry and headed home. Maybe I should have turned the officers on to Bolani -- since they were nice to me.

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