Thursday, March 10, 2016

We opened packages today at the AFSC Basement!

Long-time volunteer Christy from Seattle is visiting San Francisco. Guess what she did first thing after arriving on a rain-delayed fight ... No, not drive over the Golden Gate Bridge. No, not hop on the Cable Car to Ghirardelli Square. No, didn't head over to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Guess ... Christy helped me open boxes of wool gifts in the AFSC Basement! She didn't even take time for lunch after landing and dropping her luggage at the hotel, We sure do have wonderful, dedicated, generous volunteers!

Such a good time seeing the wool gifts that are starting to arrive. Here's Christy holding Louise's amazing collection of baby socks with colorful patterning. A lot of little feet are going to be warmer and happier because of Louise's talents!

These baby hats from Diane in Gold Country are a perfect design for newborns. The stretchy ribbing will be comfy on the baby's forehead and grow some with the baby. Christy brought Frangos for the packing volunteers -- SAVED for the next packing session as incentive! -- and I put the box in the photo to try to give perspective for the hats, but that didn't work. These hats are sized for newborns, although the hats appear larger in the photos. Oh, well.
Here's Christy with her own duffle of 100 knit wool hats that she hauled on the plane today. One hundred warmer Afghans next winter, thanks to Christy! We're all warmed by your generosity and energy. A true pleasure to have your involvement, and I am very glad we had the opportunity to see each other again today.
The beginnings of our boxes filling up with baby socks and baby hats for newborns ...
Heartfelt thanks to all who have mailed in packages so far. And, thanks to all working on wool garments now.

After the ASFC Basement, Christy went out swing dancing with her husband tonight at Le Colonial! FUN-FUN-FUN.

Anyone else coming to San Francisco over the next few months? Get in touch with me. I might have to start offering pick up service at SFO.

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