Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From last week's sorting session, or maybe the week before ... what a blur!

We were very happy to see all your packages arriving at AFSC in San Francisco!

Packages have all been opened. Now we're reviewing the piles and miles of wool hats, socks, and mittens. No counts yet. My estimated guess is 25 cartons total. I'd say that hats and socks far outnumber mittens. We shall see. Our local volunteers have 3-4 more afternoons ahead to finish sorting and packing this collection.

Carol M. came over by ferry to help pack and brought hats knit by her and sister Kay. Very nice to have Carol spend the afternoon with us at the AFSC Basement -- it's been a long time, and I missed Carol! Carol R. also came by ferry -- more than once -- and brought the very soft and warm turquoise hat in the left corner and fresh figs from her tree. Yum!

Julie traveled up from San Jose for 2 afternoons before her school year started. Check out these knee socks with calf shaping. Perfect with a kilt!

a4A knitters are talented and smart!

I had to Google this place! Post in the comments if you know where this is. Bonus points if you have been there.

Pulled these well-made crocheted mittens from the mound as an example to emulate. Looks like one of Marcie's mittens posted below.

Heidi caught CalTrain from Palo Alto to help on a recent afternoon and brought her friend Elisabeth. The pair were quite the dynamic duo as they focused on pairs of baby socks. Elisabeth sent this link to NYT's article "The Benefits of Knitting" from earlier this year. Thought everyone would love to read, even if you've read it before. Only good can come from our needlework. Win-win all around, here and in Afghanistan.

The 2016 campaign has come to a close, although you still have time to add your photos to our album here.

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