Friday, July 30, 2010

500 pairs of socks heading to Afghanistan!

This week we sent off 150 socks to a women's network of advocates and activists. The third set of 350 pairs is headed to shelter/safe houses for women and children. Through our email list, we'll tell you more precisely how the socks are distributed when that happens. We have to leave some of this to the judgement of our reliable colleagues in Kabul who identify the need and orchestrate the logistics under the particular conditions at the time.

We're packing up the socks as they arrive at our AFSC Collection Center in San Francisco. We're happy to include yours! Thank you for rallying.

From left to right in the photos, say hello to our devoted Basement packers Annette, Judith, and Emily. I am guessing that we may be the only place in the US now where we can wear wool socks in summertime and be comfortable. We wear long pants, too. Stay cool, friends.

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Laura said...

The numbers are terrific! I bow my head as a non-sock knitter in admiration and respect. Wonderful job, Ann and packers-pals!

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