Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bon voyage to 100 Socks!

Yesterday, Annette helped me with the final packing on these 100 pairs of socks for women. These cheerful socks are on their way to Kabul. Hoping the socks bring good cheer and warmth to the women in the winter. Once we know the socks have been received, we'll tell you more about the women's group. We hope to send a second batch of socks to another women's group and also batches to two schools. We'll see how the month proceeds -- how many socks come in and how much we can send out during the window of opportunity. Thank you to all the sock-knitters! You all are very skilled and generous. Superb quality.

For those who don't knit socks, thanks for understanding. We hope to have future campaigns for other types of garments, both knit and crochet, as in the past. Depends on dependable shipping arrangements and distribution, as you know. Very difficult in a war-torn country. We'll keep you posted.


Afghan Ann said...

PS: We love your posts to this blog. Love seeing the photos of your wool gifts. Thanks for taking the time -- most encouraging and inspiring. If your user id is not your name, please try to remember to add your name to your post. Makes this online communicating more human. If you are new to the blog (or have been lurking mostly), please introduce yourself -- tell us where you are from, maybe why you got involved, something about your knitting or crocheting, or just something you want us to know about you. Thanks, Ann

Kathy said...

I love seeing the photos of the shipment, Ann. I admit I always look for my socks in the mix. In this case, I've been knitting kids' sizes, so will watch for my pairs in the kids' shipment piles.

Cheers to all sock knitters! Kathy

Afghan Ann said...

Sometimes the larger youth sizes work for a small woman. Some of our petite feet packing volunteers remind us of this. So, ya never know. We're packing again tomorrow. I wonder how many socks await us ... We hope to ship another set of 100 or so socks this week or next. Either for students or women, depending on what we have. Thank you, Kathy, and all, for your sock gifts! From time to time, I encourage our recipient agencies in Afghanistan to look at this blog to see the photos and get a sense of the enthusiasm and caring here and of the talented volunteers behind the socks.
-- Ann

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