Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blanket mania

No pictures yet, but I'm almost halfway done my blanket. I'm knitting 4 big blocks, and if you saw just the first two, you'd shake your collective head and think "Oh, she's really lost it this time." The part that's going to pull it together and make it look good comes next. Pictures will come once it no longer looks like a great big mistake.

It's a good time of year for garter stitch, that's for sure. Very meditative and soothing after days that are getting progressively crazier. I'm making mine 48 by 48 inches (slightly inside the maximum dimensions of 50 by 50 inches) so it can keep a bigger kid warm.

Refresher: the dimensions requested for blankets for this campaign are as follows:

minimum: 40 by 45 inches (102 by 114 cm)
maximum: 50 by 50 inches (127 by 127 cm)

It would be wonderful to send everyone a full-sized blanket, but they're just too big. This way, more kids get a blanket.

What's everybody working on?

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