Monday, November 29, 2010

How many ways can we combine these colors?

Here are mittens and socks. A last minute hat is going in the package too, although it missed the photo shoot. Can we say: "Fall Color Sale"? The hat is a ragg-color combo of all the above.

The socks look skinny but they are very stretchy, thanks to the ribbing. They are double stranded sport weight yarn, very thick result.

My favorite item is the pair of striped mittens. The fair-isled worsted weight turned out to be very warm and cushy. The crocheted mittens sure went fast, but they are not so comfy. Oh well, live and learn. At least they are warm.

I really like working on a campaign where the only measurement I have to remember is what fits me!

Still have almost two balls of the orange left . . . ohhh . . . Need. Break. From. Orange.


Cathy said...

You managed to get creative with the orange yarn...that's quite a variety for using the same colors. I give you credit for striping mittens on dpns!

I'm sure you are ready for a color change. Any chance you can slip those last 2 skeins of orange back into your stash for another time?

Tory said...

My secret is a 12 inch circular, not dpns, at least until I get to the tip. Addi makes this length and Patternworks carries them. They are wonderful for socks and mittens. (I don't recommend 9 or 10 inch circulars though--too teeny.)

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