Sunday, May 8, 2011

One mistake, two successes

Here are two mittens out of variegated yarn. They make a nice, colorful effect without actually changing yarns.

However, another skein took me by surprise and turned out to make a camouflage effect! Not appropriate for this purpose (in fact, prohibited by the guidelines). I'm not sure if it will end up as a cat toy or finished for some other purpose.


Afghan Ann said...

Thanks, Gwyneth, for your successes and the mistake! Your posting the camo-looking mitten is very helpful. I am glad to have an illustration that we can point to. I think there is a colorway, maybe called "forest," that looks innocent in the hank, but then resembles military camo print when worked up. The effect is not always apparent at first. Interesting, isn't it. Our relief agency partners can't dress kids in anything that might put them at risk.

Bloo said...

Lovely mittens, I like the way the yarn made little rectangles of colour.

This happened to me once also... a sale wool looked ok to my eyes in the ball (variegated forest green, navy, and beige if I remember correctly), but knitted up, it looked too much like camouflage for comfort.

To make it suitable for a4A, I overdyed the yarn with Kool-aid and ended up with what I thought was a quite nice variegated yarn that had reds and purples and greens instead.


Gwyneth said...

My work always sponsors a family at Christmas and I expect camo mittens would be just fine for use around here. NC has some big military bases.


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