Friday, May 20, 2011

A peek of the basement

Another Spring, another Spring campaign winding down. Here is a peek of two very packing sessions that took place a few days ago in the AFSC basement. Packages were opened, knitwear was admired and sorted, and finally, boxes were filled to the brim, taped shut and stacked up, ready for shipment. All in all, Ann estimates that about 40 big cartons will be sent to Afghanistan this time around.

Volunteers are happier when there are lots of knits to fill those boxes! From left to right, Ann, Amy, Teresa and Emily.

Measurements and guidelines matter! When Amy is not volunteering in the basement, she works for the costume department of the San Francisco Opera.

Among other duties, Annette is in charge of sending notes to those who write with questions.

Laura and Antje take a break from packing to admire two pretty items, a raglan pullover and a ripple afghan both in gorgeous shades of green.

The end result: neat towers of cartons, each holding enough to keep quite a few children and teens warmer next winter. Thank you to all who contribute!


Joan said...

As always, great photos, volunteers and knitted items!

Afghan Ann said...

That's Ann Russell in the top photo. The green ripple afghan is by Ann Batman. We are a magnet for Anns, as blog readers know.

Ann-ette is sorting out the self-addressed, stamped envelopes and postcards that people send us in their packages to get a confirmation that their packages have arrived.

I will post soon to our email list with the counts on the cartons and their contents.

Thank you to all who contributed to this collection for the students at the schools run by Help the Afghan Children. You are very generous and talented! So glad we could send them wool clothes and blankets while we had the opportunity. We're honored to be partnering with such a well-respected education NGO serving the Afghan people.

Thanks, Laura, for posting the pics here.

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