Sunday, June 12, 2011

after the fact

Here are the mittens I sent in, just under the wire, for the recently completed campaign:

Left to right: Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted (not the superwash, the one with the mohair); the late lamented Mission Falls 1824; Paton's Classic Wool, and Paton's Classic Wool with mystery mulberry color trim at the wrist. The 2 pairs on the right fit me, making them suitable for the biggest kids.

Mittens are quick and portable, and don't sit on your lap, so they're good for summer knitting. I plan to toss 3 balls of yarn in my bag each time we head out and see what I come up with. The mittens will be happy in a box until the next call comes in.

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Glory in NH said...

Elizabeth - these are lovely. And because of you and the mitten pattern you shared with this group, I am now OBSESSED with knitting mittens! Precisely, as you say, because they are so portable, and the quick completion satisfies the need to see tangible results. People are going to think I'm crazy - knitting wool mittens in the summer, but the quickly-filling mitten box brings me joy! THANKS!

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