Sunday, September 4, 2011

Suraya Sadeed's book is out!
Founder of NGO Help the Afghan Children

Hope summer has been treating you all well! I hear that most of the U.S. has been too hot for knitting. Here on planet San Francisco, we don't even own shorts. No new campaign yet, but we'll post an update to our email list as soon as we have some news. Thanks for stashing the wool yarn until needed.

Our last 2 campaigns were for the children in the schools operated by NGO Help the Afghan Children. Our wool blankets and garments are to arrive in time for the winter cold. Suraya Sadeed founded this organization, and now she has written about her life and experience in a book: "Forbidden Lessons in a Kabul Guesthouse."

Suraya has her own website, and I want to point our her page of photos -- where you can see images of the school kids and a supply truck (arranged by the Mennonite Central Committee) making its way to the recipients. MMC has handled the container shipping for years for Help the Afghan Children and is arranging the transit of our knits. We're fortunate to be partnering with Suraya and these reliable and very experienced organizations. We wish them well as they continue to serve the Afghan people during wartime.

Suraya's photos.


carolknits said...

She looks like an incredible lady!

Afghan Ann said...

And, Bay Area people will be able to find this out firsthand!

Suraya is coming to SF and Oakland in October to speak in conjunction with the American Friends Service Comm's Mirrors and Windows exhibit. I'll post details to our email list when I know for sure. We'll probably also have 2 knitting group programs in the exhibit.

-- Ann

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