Monday, November 7, 2011

This time a blanket

After making a sweater for the last couple campaigns, I think this year's project will be a blanket - knit-on block construction like the Moderne Log Cabin (Mason-Dixon). I searched the stash for extra bits and bobs and now have a bag of full and partial stray skeins. I'm going to put the dense (scratchy) yarns in the middle where you can imagine the blanket will be covering the user's core and use the cashmerino in seed stitch for the outer blocks where you might imagine hands and arms will feel the softness. I've made this style of afghan with hand-spun so I know I can tailor the size by adjusting the width of the blocks to make sure the blanket is rectangular to meet the size standards.

I'll post a picture when there is more to this project than my thoughts and dreams.



Afghan Ann said...

I searched on Moderne in our blog's search box and came up with past posts from volunteers making the same. Jean in Maine's version is here --

I want to do a Moderne or an old-fashioned log cabin one of these days.

Judy said...

I did a log cabin baby blanket from the Mason-Dixon book for my new grandchild. It uses a fair amount of yarn because it is all garter stitch, but that also makes it cozy. That should be a great stash buster for you. I agree that it should be easy to adjust the shape and size of the blanket as you go.

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