Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February 29

Mark that date! It's the brand new, just announced, deadline for everything to be in San Francisco to be packed for this campaign. In celebration, I dug out a recently rediscovered pair of mittens that needed just half of one mitten and both thumbs. Now this pair needs only one thumb to be finished. . . I think there's time. (Edited to add -- they're done!)

I made those mittens following my mitten pattern,  using Lopi yarn (that's bulky) and appropriate size needles (US 8 [5 mm] for me, bigger for most knitters). Using the stitch and row numbers for the smallest size, the mittens come out as a medium adult size, so will fit lots of the older kids.

I hope the fact that there's a whole month left doesn't inspire me to cast on a ridciculous number of projects! Must stay focused. . .

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