Monday, January 16, 2012

My kids  stash busting sweater is just about done.
It is for a 10-12 year old.  I still have some ends left to sew in and blocking to do.  I used Elizabeth's trick for the neckband - making it twice as long and then connecting the live stitches to the base stitches.


Elizabeth D said...

That sweater looks like fun -- so bright and cheerful, too. It's clear that I'm going to have to try this, bit it will be for the next campaign -- even for someone as optimistic (delusional?) as I am, it's a little late to start a sweater and really believe I'll have it done in time for this one.

Afghan Ann said...

Fantastic sweater, Judy! Thank you so much!

Not too late to start a vest. The pessimistic could try mittens or socks or a hat, for the deeply pessimistic. Our due date is mid to late February. I am trying to pin the date down as soon as I can. We have a few unknowns that prevent us from confirming the date at the moment, and we want to give volunteers as much time as possible. This should sound familiar to long-timers.

Judy said...

This sweater is now finished, blocked and packed for sending to San Francisco. It will soon be on its way.

sherri said...

I love the stash-buster sweaters. I'll have to try one for the next campaign!

Judy said...

They are addictive. It is fun seeing how they develop and tends to make me stay up late just adding colors. Nice warm sweaters and fun to do -- good combination.

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