Thursday, August 2, 2012

Going for Gold in the AFSC Basement This Week

Susan, Carol (in Norwegian ski hat ... this isn't the Winter Games?), Jill, and Ellen beaming on the podium after a winning team relay race to open the pile of envelopes and packages that arrived from talented and generous knitting and crochet volunteers across North America and even a few bubble bags from Europe. We had a thrilling afternoon together! We all left pooped out and happy.

Did you know that yesterday was Swiss National Day? Ellen proudly waves the national food and (sort of) the colors of her ancestors' flag. Thank you to the volunteer who tucked the fancy chocolate bars in with their wool gifts! The AFSC Basement volunteers send their love!

Another volunteer tucked silver cranes in with her wool gifts. The birds enjoyed alighting briefly on Jill's top-quality mittens before we packed them into their cartons destined for winter use in Afghanistan. The pretty cranes stay in San Francisco.

Big thanks to all who have sent in packages for this Aschiana campaign. The quality has been terrific. The mounds of wool socks, mittens, and hats are building. We don't seem to have too much of a single garment vs. the others, so if you are still knitting and crocheting for the August 15 due date, please make whatever gives you the most pleasure. We haven't counted yet, but let's hope we are able to add some warmth to the lives of a few thousand Afghans this winter. Enshallah.

Afghanistan is competing in the Olympics!

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