Friday, August 24, 2012

Packing time in the basement

The deadline for the current campaign has just passed, which means that our corner of the AFSC basement was looking like this when packing volunteers arrived on two recent shifts. Packages needed to be opened, knit items needed to be sorted, then counted and finally repacked into boxes labeled for the long trip abroad.

Tiny or large, every package or envelope is exciting to us. Here's Carol taking that first step.

Since this drive focused on such a wide age-group, socks needed to be measured and sorted into two categories. Admiring your beautiful sock-knitting techniques is one of our perks, as Ardis demonstrates.

For more sock-gorgeousness, check out this two-tone beauty held by Sue.

Hats are not to be outdone by socks, mind you.

We all fell in love with this one, modeled by Rachel. It reminded of us of cheerful thrummed mittens.

Laura, Sue and Ardis take a (very short!) break from counting hats to pose with just a few of our favorites.

Someone didn't only knit this lovely hat and mittens set; they also embroidered it beautifully.

More handknitted goodness shown off by Rachel and Keiko, right before the socks get packed for Afghanistan.

Now, even though it is not nearly as colorful, this is the sight we volunteers love most of all: columns of sealed and addressed boxes, ready for shipping!


Cathy said...

It's always inspiring to see pictures from the basement. Thanks, Laura, for posting. Looks like there will be some warm kids in Afghanistan come winter.

Keiko said...

Laura, thanks for posting. We really did get a lot done. . .

Afghan Ann said...

I love our AFSC Basement volunteers. Got to spin Etta James & Sugar Pie's "In the Basement" now.

Betsey Bee said...

It is so exciting seeing all of the packages and wondering what beautiful items are inside. It is even more exciting to think that my package of mittens, socks, and hat is in one of the piles!

Kathy said...

Thanks for showing us the delightful pictures!

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