Thursday, July 25, 2013

Springtime Sweater

I found this sweater while looking for an accent yarn to finish the one currently OTN.  I wonder if it is too light in colour for Afghanistan?  It's 100% wool, I knit it last winter for another group's campaign but missed their deadline.  I can send it to them this winter, but if it would be acceptable for the girls' campaign I think it's a very pretty set of colours - yellow, green, blue, and violet.  Thoughts?


Linda S. said...

Put it in the mail! It is lovely and not too light in color. I'm always looking for new patterns for a4A. Would you be willing to share this pattern?

holly said...

This is more than just "acceptable." The patterned yarn is lovely and won't show dirt. Send it!

MargoLynn said...

OK, thanks. It will go into the mail with two others tomorrow, and I'll post a picture of all three.

Linda - it's a basic Icelandic-style sweater. Sleeves and body worked from the bottom up, join and decrease for the yoke. No seams, just weave at the underarms and run in ends.

MargoLynn said...

I mailed it with two others. Turns out Priority Mail was the cheapest way to go - even over parcel post. I checked on that last week. So I used the time to finish a third sweater. Hopefully they will be better received than my last one (I tried it on and the sleeves hit MY wrist just fine, but I received an email that they were too short and the sweater was tossed - such a pity! It was alpaca!) and the package is supposed to arrive on Wednesday.

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