Monday, August 5, 2013

cushy green socks


Now that the big sweater drive is over, I figured it was time to turn my attention back to socks. From this blog, I learned a while ago the advantages of knitting socks in heavier weight than your typical sock yarn. I happened to have in my stash an odd skein of Miss Babs' Yowza! What a skein, which is classified as a light worsted-weight.

One skein was more than plenty for two pairs of woman-size socks. I used a #3 circular and cast on 48 sts for each pair. The first one was knitted in stockinette; for the second, I switched to a 3/1 rib. I have enough yarn left for a child-size pair... I think! These two pairs turned out really cushy and should keep someone's feet properly warm.

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Elizabeth D said...

Every time Laura posts a pair of socks, I giggle to myself. She resisted for so long. . .

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