Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hello from Deb, Budd, Sharon, Michael ...

Say hello back to Deb from Brier, Washington ...

Feeling calm and serene now?

Here's Budd, the founder of Trust in Education, on the left, and Sharon and Michael, who drove some of our packed cartons over to Budd's warehouse this past weekend ... thank you, Sharon and Michael!

This may have been our last drive over the Bay Bridge before they open the new eastern span. You can see both the old and the new here as we were driving back from San Leandro to San Francisco. Two centuries, side by side ... crazy, amazing how they've been building this for 20 or so years, and with little disruption to traffic. When you visit SF, we know you will visit the GG Bridge, but please be sure to drive over the Bay Bridge into the city.

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