Saturday, May 17, 2014

Summer knitting season opens in 6 days

Memorial Day weekend traditionally marks the opening of summer in the U.S., and it starts this coming Friday. Here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we've had an unusually cold and snowy winter followed by an unusually chilly and prolonged spring. I fear payback time is soon to be upon us. . .

I have learned to knit small things during warm weather, and what could be better? They don't sit on your lap and make you hotter; if they get dirty -- I have never been to an outdoor concert that wasn't muddy or dusty, and there's always the risk of spilled lemonade -- they're easy to wash; and they're easy to toss in a bag and take along.

This year afghans for Afghans wants to collect as many mittens, socks, and hats as possible.

These are the perfect things to knit on long car trips, at outdoor concerts, sitting on the sidelines at soccer and baseball games, waiting for your kids, or just because you love to knit. (And don't we all?)

I participate in another knitting program, and I have big plans for birthday and holiday presents this year, but I also want to do as much for our friends in Afghanistan as I can.  Remember -- you don't have to knit more than anyone else for your contribution to count! One pair of mittens is one whole person who's a little more comfortable. Sizes needed are to fit anyone from about age 7 up to adults.

To keep myself on track, I am stating out loud, right here, that I will commit to finishing 5 things for A4A by the end of August. (One mitten only counts as half.) The pair in progress in the picture will be the first.

I will post a list of tried and trusted patterns sometime this week for those who would like that. Feel free to use your favorites, though -- and remember, animal fiber is WAY warmer. Wool socks stay warm when they are wet, and if that's your only pair of socks, that matters.

You can find all the details at the A4A blog; scroll down to find the list:

P.S. Crocheters -- just fill in the word "crochet" where I've written "knit." We love you too.

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