Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Rainbow World at AFSC Basement

We were all happy to be back in the AFSC Basement, opening your packages and sorting the rainbow of wool hats, socks, and mittens that will be on their way to Afghanistan in late September.

Look inside Longmont Kathy's package ... the Leprechaun skipped out before we snapped the pic ...

The Afghan newborns are going to look very cute in these colorful, delightfully patterned wool caps! Picture that in your mind!

Carol came by car, ferry, and streetcar to pitch in for the cause. Here's Carol holding her favorite cap of the day ... I think the color is Yves Klein Blue, or perhaps a little more purple-ee, with that glow from inside the color itself ...

Hope some a4a volunteers will post photos of their creations here, for the enjoyment of all!


Beth said...

Beautiful colors and hand-knit items. Is that rainbow a collection of baby socks?

Kathy said...

Fun to see my rainbow of sockies here!
Longmont Kathy

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