Friday, July 29, 2016

Sue Gave Birth to Newborn Socks Recently, Too!

Foxy Knitter, we're so happy to add your adorable newborn socks for the maternity hospital in Kabul. The new mothers will love the colors. Wonderful and practical ribbed cuffs.

Wednesday's sorting gang at AFSC were Carlene, Candace, Ann R, Sue, and me. (Thanks, again, ladies!) We concentrated on reviewing socks and sizing them. We rarely receive socks that don't make the grade. Reviewing is time-consuming, but we get to look at hundreds of pairs of socks in an infinite array of colors, all high-quality wools, and lovely stitching. Bless you, sock-knitters! You can imagine what one terrific pair of wool socks will mean to someone with little or no possessions in wintertime.

Here's Sue with her own contribution to the collection of newborn socks:

One pair is knit toe up, and the other from the cuff. I don't know which is which! Both patterns are links on Ravelry, for those who are on

Cozy Little Toes (top down)

Basic Newborn Set (toe up) - With Caveat to Make Cuffs Longer

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Beth said...

Nice work, I especially like the long cuffs. Will make mine longer next time.

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