Monday, January 25, 2010

For leftover wools in dk or sportweight

In the spirit of sharing easy, fast pullover patterns for this drive, here is the pattern I came up with a few years ago for a previous a4A drive. I came up with this as a good way to use partial skeins of dk or sportweight wools. This raglan is knitted in one piece, from the neck down; you start by knitting back and forth, then cast on extra stitches for the front and join, knitting in the round from there. One tip I forgot to mention in the pattern: if you decide to knit stripes, make sure to start new stripes on one of the back sleeve "seams", where the color changes will be more discreet than smack in the front which is where each round begins. It really won't matter at all and look much, much better.

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pldrake said...

Does anyone have a good crochet pattern for those same weights of yarn?

My wool-allergic sister passed along some black and grey yarns that I could use for a vest, mittens, whatever (or use for a sweater with other yarns).

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