Sunday, January 31, 2010

AFSC Basement During Baby Blanket Campaign for CURE Hospital

Always want to periodically post some AFSC Basement photos for you. These are from the baby blanket campaign (the Nov. 23 due date) for CURE Hospital in Kabul. I thought I took more photos, but apparently not. Good thing that Laura had her camera, too. Once we get going with opening, sorting, packing ... we forget to stop and take photos ... we need to think of new ways to pose with knitwear this year! Doug joined us twice to help tape, label, and carry, and we happily gave up the chance to burn extra weight-lifting calories of the holidays. The photos include Carol, Jo, Antje, Keiko, and Teresa, five of our devoted local gang. Keiko runs our knit/crochet group in Berkeley. Teresa is our KAL blog admin, and she's holding mod Elizabeth's modern art. Love to the AFSC staff for continuing to receive our packages on a daily basis. Thanks again to all the volunteers who sent in beautiful wool blankets for the babies -- first-class gifts to welcome these new children and their mothers to the world.

And, on the subject of photos ... why not pose in your own photos when you post here? Claim your talent.

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Bloo said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Ann! Always love seeing pics of the legendary basement (and the hardworking basement volunteers!).

There are some true works of art in there. It must've been wonderful to see all the gorgeous warm blankies pile up and think of the labour of love that went into making them all.

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