Sunday, January 16, 2011

Apologies, But it's Hats

I know you don't want lots of hats, but as a beginning knitter, it's the best I can produce for now. I am in the process of making a vest. I hope I get it done in time for the Feb 14 deadline, but I can't promise. So for now I'm sending in these two hats, my first official donation to A4A!
Carol E.


Marylib said...

A lucky child can wear your hats with my sweater!
The red looks especially good with the gray.

MargoLynn said...

Excellent work, Carol. Whatever can be donated will help. I try to not do hats to allow those who can't do other items to contribute their portion. I do think vests are easier than hats because while bigger, they have less shaping. Kudos to you for the hats!

Afghan Ann said...

Amen to what Margo-Lynn said.

btw, we packed yesterday and are low on sweaters relative to all other items. If any of you have a vest in process and are able to add on sleeves in the next 2-3 weeks, please try to consider. Thanks a million, Ann

PS: We're packing again on Friday and then we'll have an even better sense of how the overall collection is going.

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