Monday, January 3, 2011

On their way tomorrow

These things go in the mail tomorrow:

Mittens, from left to right: Peace Fleece, made by my sister; Lamb's Pride, by me (they are gray, not white -- late afternoon sun); Lamb's Pride, by Pat, Knitpicks Shamrock, by me. And blue socks from Pat.

Three of the four panels of my blanket are knitted; can I do 576 more square inches of garter stitch this week?


Marylib said...

Wow! they all look great. I just joined and I am afraid that my stripey sweater won't be finished in time for the shipment. Must knit faster...

Kathy said...

Mary, there'll be other campaigns if you miss this one.

Elizabeth, what a great group effort!

Afghan Ann said...

We can't promise that, Kathy. These campaigns are always very hard to organize with reliable transit and distribution partners and budgets, etc. 2010 was especially tough -- when we could only send small batches of socks for several months, for example. Please keep this in mind.

Thanks, Ann

Afghan Ann said...

I should have specified ... deteriorated security is an issue, too. Very hard to plan ahead or count on anything in a war zone.

Beth said...

Hey, R, E and P your group of mittens and pair of socks looks great. Way to go!

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