Monday, September 16, 2013

Box of Mittens

My goal for this campaign was enough mittens to fill a medium-size priority mail box.  Eight pairs did it.  (I probably could have squeezed a couple more pairs in.)  2 and 7/8 pairs are made from the wool/alpaca/nylon sock yarn (3 strands) that Elizabeth D. sent me.  The green-and-blue pair had the last few rows of the thumb finished with wool chunky yarn.  You can tell the difference if you look closely.  The three pairs along the bottom are more of the 100% wool chunky, and the multi-colored pairs are from 100% worsted-weight wool.

My cat waited until I was finished taking pictures and started repacking the box to attack the mittens. So I got to add de-hairing the mittens to the packing process!
Gwyneth Duncan, Durham, NC


Elizabeth D said...

Those look nice and warm. Can you tell us what pattern you used? Or is this one of those "it's just the way I always do it" things?

It is so satisfying to send a whole box. . .

Gwyneth said...

I posted my pattern a couple of years ago, but later found a bunch of problems with that version. I'll see if I can incorporate my scribbled corrections and post a new version. I tend to revise as I go, depending on the weight of yarn on hand!

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