Monday, September 30, 2013

Sharing a few photos here ...

Thought you would like to see Kim's photo (in Wisconsin) of her socks for the TIE campaign. (I can't bring myself to call this yarn-bombing on our blog, but we don't have to name it to enjoy it.) Thanks, Kim!

We've seen a lot of sweaters in the AFSC Basement across many years. Always surprising when we receive a garment that looks like nothing received previously. Check out this crocheted sweater design made in the round (sorry about the lousy photo ... the arm gusset appears smaller than actual) --

This is sad, but I feel like noting here (and hope you don't mind) ... this very red sweater was knit by Rita, a long-time member of our community garden at Fort Mason in San Francisco, for the TIE campaign. Rita passed away this summer. She was knitting this sweater from wool provided by Lou (another gardener), and a hat, but got too tired to finish. Her friend, Erna, completed the sleeves with wonderful deep cuffs that can be rolled up and down as needed. We packed up Rita's gifts for a child in Afghanistan. We miss Rita.

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Afghan Ann said...

I suppose I should have taken a few more moments to take better photos. Next time.

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