Sunday, September 1, 2013

Where did August go ... our August scrapbook for you.

Here are several photos from our packing sessions at the AFSC Basement during August. Most of these pics were kindly taken by Alexandra. We didn't get photos of all the elves (elves in August?), but shout out a heartfelt RAH! to all who helped open packages, sort and inspect, and wrestle the garments into the cartons. It's a labor of love that only knitters and crocheters could undertake.

We hope you are having a good Labor Day weekend wherever you are.

Susan joined us from Alameda, which is over the Bay Bridge in the East Bay. (Susan and all have no bridge access to SF this weekend! New half-a-bridge scheduled to open on Tuesday. BART still there for us.)

Sue and Ann (who uses the Golden Gate Bridge) reviewing piles of glorious wool mittens and socks.

On one of her precious day's off, Heather joined us again in August (via ferry). I think she's holding the sweater knit by her friend Olivia.

Take a look at this sweater detail ... zipper, edging, buttons ... if anyone sees a link to this color stitch technique, please post!

This is detail from Bridget's sweater. Bridget's been sending us amazing sweaters from New Mexico for many years. This particular sweater is mind-blowing because she used the Afghan motif that's on our Afghan Men's Vest pattern.

Bye, bye! Carol boarding her ferry for Vallejo. Rene will be there waiting with the cheese. Oh, and the bridge in the background is the western span of the Bay Bridge that is staying put. The eastern span is being replaced ... more than 2 decades after the Loma Prieta Quake.

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Kathy said...

Such incredible beauty! I hope someday to be in the Bay Area and help in the Basement!

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