Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Four pairs!

The smallest size will fit a kid around 7 years old; the ragg pair with red trim is about right for a 12- to 14-year-old.
The blue pairs used up some Peace Fleece that you will soon see in blanket form. The green pair were finished too late for the last mitten campaign, and by some miracle, I found them this time. The ragg pair with red trim were started for the last campaign; I ran across them in a bag. One mitten was finished except for the thumb, and the other was up past the ribbing. They'll go in the mail tomorrow.

Now to start sewing squares together. . .and work on my photo skills! And maybe reblock the checkerboard pair. . .


GenKnit said...
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Judy said...

Nice mittens -- I am working on another pair. I also plan to make a pair of socks for the youth campaign as I still have sock yarn donated by a friend for me to use for A4A.

Cathy said...

Warm & toasty looking mittens, Elizabeth. You've given me some ideas for my next pair. I really like the ragg yarn you used w the red trim, but I've only seen it in acrylic. I'll keep looking for the wool version; it's obviously out there somewhere!

Bloo said...

I really like the ragg pair too! They remind me of work socks (in a good way... I like work socks :) ). And the checkerboard ones are really bright and fun.

Reed said...

Hi Elizabeth,

You have produced magnificent mittens.

Thank you.

Afghan Ann said...

Here's the pattern link for --
Elizabeth's 4-needle mittens.

With the time so short for this youth campaign, mittens and socks are the best way we can fill up more cartons and cover more kids. At this point, please feel free to whip up a few wool hats for youth, too, especially if socks and mittens are not your thing. (Of course, sweaters, vests, and blankets for youth are most welcomed, but the timing is just not going to work for everyone on these larger items.)

I will probably post an update to our main email list in day or so.

Thanks a lot to all for the hustling and the creativity!

-- Ann,

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