Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One youth sweater and a pair of mittens

First-time poster, long-time knitter for a4A.

When the youth campaign was announced, I pulled out my go-to sweater pattern, Knitted Seamless Raglan Sweaters, by Leisure Arts. Cast-on, knit, increase here and there, and suddenly there is a sweater. This yarn, Patons Classic Merino, is nothing if not colorful. I hope it keeps a girl or boy warm.

These mittens are made top-down also. The thumb is knit separately and then attached, knitting back and forth, with a k2tog. Eventually you start knitting in the round again. There are not the usual holes at the thumb that I usually get knitting wrist to top.


GenKnit said...
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Becky said...


Your sweater and mittens look great! You're right, the sweater is definitely colorful--bound to spread cheer wherever it's worn.

I'm curious about the mittens. What pattern did you use? I'm always game to try a new method.


cti said...

sensational! they look great (love the sweater even tho' I am not a knitter) and I am sure will be a joy in someone's life.

Kathy said...

welcome to the blog. I'm intrigued by your mittens - do you have a pattern? I'm always looking for ways to avoid holes and seams.

Diane H said...

Many thanks for the comments! The mittens start like a toe-up sock. These instructions are everywhere now. Then you make the thumb in the same way, just many fewer stitches. Keep the stitches live on the thumb. To attach, knit across the mitten to the thumb, k2tog, knit across the thumb to the last stitch, k2tog (knit these connecting stitches either ssk or k2tog so they angle the way you want) and then you eventually use them all up. A pinch of this and a dash of that instructions but you get the idea.

sfmammamia said...
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muchoyarn said...

That is one awesome sweater! How can I get the pattern?

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