Monday, February 1, 2010

Hello New Friends

Hi everybody, time for me to come out of lurkdom. In Minnie Pearl's inimitable words "I'm so proud to be hyear!" I've knit intermittently most of my life, pretty steadily for the last seven years. My grandmother taught me when I was five so she could visit undistrubed with her sisters and it worked beautifully - I was fascinated by the process and the pale green needles and wine yarn. In a few years I'll retire from my secretarial job in an art museum and have lots of time for knitting, painting, reading and my cat, Sweetie Pie Guy. I live in Northern Virginia and am the happy recipient of Tory's gift yarn which, after a few false starts, is becoming a top down raglan. In two weeks I'm starting a group to knit for Afghans for Afghans and some will be brand new knitters. Some ideas for their projects are bubbling in my brain and I'd appreciate your suggestions.


Kathy said...

welcome! I love your enthusiasm, especially for staring a knit group and teaching some brand new knitters.

Like you, I was taught by grandmother at a young age. She was right handed yet had the patience to teach lefthanded me!

Tory said...

Well, hi again! Glad you are succeeding with the yarn. I hope your group gets off to a good start.

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