Monday, July 28, 2014

Finally finished nine little baby hats in Wool of the Andes.  Not the softest so I soaked them in softener and they came out nice and soft. Got them off in the mail this morning and they say they should get there by Thursday.

Oh I can't believe I figured out how to send this! 


Judy said...

Great hats! The count must be growing there in the basement.

sheila said...

Thanks, aren't they fun to do! Hope the supply is growing there.


sherri said...

Cute hats! I mailed 5 today, but I have 5 more drying--to be mailed tomorrow. Oh dear--may have to send them Express Mail.

Beth said...

Cute hats! The basement must be flooded with arrivals - wonderful! Do you know? Is due date hard-and-fast?

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