Thursday, July 3, 2014

ribbed baby hat

As promised, here is a hat from the pattern I recommended yesterday, in pictures:

On the left, the finished hat. On the right, with the brim folded up. Unstretched, the circumference is 7.5 inches (19 cm); it stretches to 15 inches (38 cm). I cast this on yesterday using some no-longer-labeled 6-ply sock yarn I had lying around; the hat took well under 50 grams. I wonder what else I can find. . .

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sherri said...

I am really enjoying using this pattern. One of the things I like is that the crown looks so nice. I had tried to do a hat in K1 P1 ribbing without a pattern and I didn't know how to do the decreases. I tried to do them in pattern and I got a real mess. So I tore out that part and switched to stockingette, which I doubt is as warm as the ribbed sides of the hat. But this pattern gives some good directions for decreases and the crown looks great.

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