Wednesday, July 23, 2014

It's Raining Socks!

Just finished up pair # 10 in my second push for the summer's Baby Shower.  The remnants in my sock yarn basket have decreased noticeably, which is always very satisfying.  Any even more satisfying is knowing that 10 more little babies will go home with warm socks for the winter.
All these socks are knitted with fingering weight wool.  You can see that, for some of them, I ran out of self-striping yarn and had to complete them with solids. Next stop for these socks is the Post Office.

The next few days will be very busy for me, but I hope to get another couple of pairs finished before the end of the month.  It's great to sit inside on a hot day, listening to an audiobook and knitting tiny socks.

Keep on knitting!


MargoLynn said...

Those are so cute! I agree that tiny items are great to knit when it is hot and sticky.

Foxy Knitter said...


Beth said...

Cute socks!

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