Tuesday, July 29, 2014

There they go

Four more pairs! I did indeed finish the pair I'd hoped to (far left) but I also was delighted to find 3 pairs I'd knit for the last campaign and carefully stowed in "a safe place." Oops. The post office says they will be delivered on Thursday. I can't wait to hear the final tally.


Beth said...
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inge said...

Did you say these were Lopi? They look a lot like Lamb's Pride to me.

Elizabeth D said...

Hi, Inge --

The mittens shown here are, left to right, unidentified green wool, pink and turquoise Lopi (I know the colors look like Lamb's Pride, but they are definitely Lopi), Peace Fleece, and green Lopi. All wonderful yarns that hold up well and are very warm.

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