Saturday, October 1, 2016

Our Cartons Packed with Gorgeous Wool Hats, Socks, Mittens, and LOVE for the Afghan people

From the hands and hearts of Afghan-American women

Susan Rosthal, over in Berkeley, says: "Here are some of my wonderful Afghan ESL students with items they knitted for afghansforAfghans."

I thought our readers would enjoy seeing this photo of Susan's Afghan-American students who knitted for Afghanistan through our project. Susan also joined us this summer at the AFSC basement to help pack. 

Tashakor, Susan and students!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Getting close to finishing the packing ...

Elizabeth came by on her lunch hour today to count out hats and pack a few boxes. Sweet!

I am going to try to list all the local volunteers who have joined us this summer for opening your packages, sorting, inspecting, repacking into new cartons:

Carol R. (by ferry)
Carol M. (by ferry)
Candace (via the Golden Gate Bridge)
Ann B. (via the Golden Gate Bridge)
Keiko (by car, BART, hell or highwater)
Susan R (teaches English to Afghan-American immigrants and has her students knitting for a4A)
Sue F (city lady)
Emily S (can't wear out this volunteer, we tried)
Kirsten (shared her day off!)
Emily L (city lady)
Ardis (feel better soon!)
Laura (did you have a bon voyage?)
Julie (our southernmost volunteer)
Heidi (CalTrain, choo-choo)
Elisabeth (CalTrain, choo-choo)
Charlene (with the Merrimeko pocket)
Susan M (BART-able)
Jill (BART-able)
Ann Ru (BART-able)
Terrie (city lady)
Carol J (connects us with Grace)

It takes a village, devoted villagers who love knitting and crochet and know the value of a hand-made wool garment. Hope I did not miss anyone! If so, please whisper your name in my ear. Deep, heartfelt thanks to all!

Friday, August 26, 2016

And, the Academy Award goes to Kirsten's hat!

Kirsten's ribbed, doubled, reversible hat is the star here ...

The Afghan who receives this hat will be a lot more comfortable this winter, thanks to Kirsten's smart design. Go Giants!

The scene ...

In addition to Kirsten, the fabulous ensemble cast, from left to right -- Carlene, Ardis, Jill and Emily ...

Zooming in on the action ...

Going off script ... someone donated hand-knit socks that match the shawl I am making for myself. What a coincidence! Don't worry, I didn't take the socks home. The socks were packed up with the other 174 adults socks that fit in the packing carton for delivery to 350 Afghan feet this winter.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From last week's sorting session, or maybe the week before ... what a blur!

We were very happy to see all your packages arriving at AFSC in San Francisco!

Packages have all been opened. Now we're reviewing the piles and miles of wool hats, socks, and mittens. No counts yet. My estimated guess is 25 cartons total. I'd say that hats and socks far outnumber mittens. We shall see. Our local volunteers have 3-4 more afternoons ahead to finish sorting and packing this collection.

Carol M. came over by ferry to help pack and brought hats knit by her and sister Kay. Very nice to have Carol spend the afternoon with us at the AFSC Basement -- it's been a long time, and I missed Carol! Carol R. also came by ferry -- more than once -- and brought the very soft and warm turquoise hat in the left corner and fresh figs from her tree. Yum!

Julie traveled up from San Jose for 2 afternoons before her school year started. Check out these knee socks with calf shaping. Perfect with a kilt!

a4A knitters are talented and smart!

I had to Google this place! Post in the comments if you know where this is. Bonus points if you have been there.

Pulled these well-made crocheted mittens from the mound as an example to emulate. Looks like one of Marcie's mittens posted below.

Heidi caught CalTrain from Palo Alto to help on a recent afternoon and brought her friend Elisabeth. The pair were quite the dynamic duo as they focused on pairs of baby socks. Elisabeth sent this link to NYT's article "The Benefits of Knitting" from earlier this year. Thought everyone would love to read, even if you've read it before. Only good can come from our needlework. Win-win all around, here and in Afghanistan.

The 2016 campaign has come to a close, although you still have time to add your photos to our album here.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another pair in the mail

Knit as distraction during DH hip replacement surgery - 

socks shipped

A few pair of infant socks have been shipped your way.  I am so happy to support such a great cause.  Thank you for sharing your knitting accomplishments on this blog.

Monday, August 1, 2016

crocheted lovelies

Beautiful crocheting from Marcie will keep these kids nice and warm! (Marcie, what pattern do you use for your mittens?)
This is about half of what is in the package I just sent. One of these years, I will not wait until the last minute. ;) -inge (now in Carrboro, NC)

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sue Gave Birth to Newborn Socks Recently, Too!

Foxy Knitter, we're so happy to add your adorable newborn socks for the maternity hospital in Kabul. The new mothers will love the colors. Wonderful and practical ribbed cuffs.

Wednesday's sorting gang at AFSC were Carlene, Candace, Ann R, Sue, and me. (Thanks, again, ladies!) We concentrated on reviewing socks and sizing them. We rarely receive socks that don't make the grade. Reviewing is time-consuming, but we get to look at hundreds of pairs of socks in an infinite array of colors, all high-quality wools, and lovely stitching. Bless you, sock-knitters! You can imagine what one terrific pair of wool socks will mean to someone with little or no possessions in wintertime.

Here's Sue with her own contribution to the collection of newborn socks:

One pair is knit toe up, and the other from the cuff. I don't know which is which! Both patterns are links on Ravelry, for those who are on

Cozy Little Toes (top down)

Basic Newborn Set (toe up) - With Caveat to Make Cuffs Longer

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baby Socks Headed Your Way

I just mailed these wee baby socks to y'all this afternoon. I think they turned out really well.