Saturday, December 21, 2013

a4A at the Textile Museum in DC, Last Sunday

For more than a year now, Sarah's been representing the afghans for Afghans project at the Quarterly Knitting Circles at the Textile Museum in Washington, DC, near Dupont Circle. Thank you, Sarah! Wish I could have joined you all. I've always loved the Textile Museum since the days when I lived in DC during the Reagan Administration. Too much information, I know!

Below, Sarah is to the left of Textile Museum Curator of Education Tom Goehner in the middle. I've mentioned previously that Tom has been a friend of a4A since the beginning, back in late 2001 when I contacted Tom, then the curator of the Red Cross Museum, about knitting during wartime. Andrea, on the far right, is a long-time crochet volunteer (ask her for advice on crocheting superb, well-fitting mittens). Knitting volunteer Debra is to the left of Andrea. And, Museum volunteer Linda is on the far left. This is not a political spectrum, don't worry! The turnout may have been low because no exhibits are on view, with the pending move, coming up. Small is beautiful in any case.

Here are the ladies posing with the ancestor above the mantel. Oh, this house will be missed ...

I actually don't think we're saying good-bye to the historic house in Dupont Circle just yet. There may be one more Quarterly Knitting Circle in March. We'll post to our email list when we can confirm.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bolani at Costco!

Boy, was I surprised when I walked into an Afghan food display at Costco in San Francisco. Now, that's making it in America! Very cool. I bought 1 spinach bolani. Must go back for more.
A little blurry ... low-calorie and low-carb. Super marketing!
This is Yasmen, the son of the owner. We visited while he and Daoud packed up their display at the end of the day. He was only a kid when he emigrated here. From time to time, he returns to his homeland to visit.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Visiting a4A friends in NYC ...

While in NYC, I stopped by Knitty City on 79th near Amsterdam. Just happened to walk by. Met owner Pearl and had a chance to personally thank her for their a4A knitting. Mason-Dixon Knitting's Kay Gardiner has organized a4A knitting from time to time at this small and very loaded shop. I could have spent hours in Knitty City, but I forced myself out to get over to the Met Museum for the exhibit, "Interwoven Globe, The Worldwide Textile Trade: 1500-1800." What a great day, and then there was the night ... what's with the cake slices and cookies in every storefront window on every block?