Friday, January 31, 2014

deep winter

For most of the United States, this has been an unusually cold winter. There have been several mornings when it's been 7 degrees (that's Fahrenheit; Celsius equivalent is -14) when I've driven my daughter to school. Now, for those of you in Wisconsin, I know that's short sleeve weather [joke] but here in southeastern Pennsylvania, that is uncommonly cold. And a lot of people all over the country have seen temperatures that you usually don't. Now imagine it without mittens. Or even socks. And pick up those needles and start knitting frantically for our friends in Afghanistan!!

Although there isn't an official campaign at the moment, small things -- especially mittens and socks, but also hats -- are being collected steadily. In fact, Ann tells me they're packing on Wednesday. It's great to have things on hand when the opportunity to send them over comes up, because there isn't always time to organize a campaign.

In other news, Ravelry hosts an event that accompanies the Olympics. Many Ravelry groups participate, and our friends at Fans of Afghans for Afghans are involved. Renee -- a long-time member of this group as well -- sent us this information:

Ravelry hosts a crafting challenge along with each Olympics called The Ravellenic Games. You can join Team Afghans for Afghans as they knit mittens and socks for their campaign. Participants establish projects on their Ravelry project pages tagged appropriately, but wait to cast on until the opening ceremonies in Sochi, and to get their Ravellenics "medal" they finish their project before the closing ceremonies are over! It's a lot of fun and knitting together gives us motivation.

Stop by the Fans of Afghans for Afghans group where group moderator Renee Rico (aka rev knits) leads the team. This link takes you right to the Ravellenic information.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A new year

Happy 2014, everybody, and so many thanks for everything you did in 2013. Right now epically cold weather is bearing down on the northern middle states in the U.S., and my own part of Pennsylvania is also in line for historically cold temperatures. While I fret about tomorrow's forecast of freezing rain and how it may spoil plans I had to do something fun, I am forced to think about the people we knit and crochet for in Afghanistan. I have heat, and food, and warm winter clothes, and a sturdy house, and I have no reason to expect that won't see me through this spell of rough weather. Many of them do not have those luxuries. 

Even though we don't currently have an official campaign going on, I am going to cast on a pair of mittens right now for the Afghanistan box, and I invite you all to join me in that . . .