Sunday, October 28, 2012

New campaign just announced!

For those of us sitting here in the upper right quarter of the United States on Sunday night wondering how hard Hurricane Sandy is going to hit our particular houses and towns, here's something else to think about. And it's a great time to knit a hat or a pair of socks!

Again, hats, mittens, and socks, for ages 5 through adult. All wool or other animal fiber (or at least 75%), as always. It's not a snob issue -- it's just plain warmer. People receiving our gifts are highly likely to have, at most, one other pair of socks, for instance.

Right now we're asking for everything to be there by the end of November -- it's kind of a blitz, but the legendary basement is undergoing repairs and renovations during the month of December. If things are there by November 30, they can be boxed up and ready to go early in January if we get lucky.

Here's word from Ann:

"We have two possible opportunities to get more of our wool gifts on
air flights to Afghanistan that are coordinated with two different
reputable humanitarian organizations with experience in Afghanistan.

We're not sure yet of air schedules and corresponding campaign due
dates. Recipients may be school children, street kids, or families in
refugee camps, or all of these populations.

However, we are certain that either of these flights and agencies are
able to responsibly transport and distribute wool socks, mittens, and
hats for ages 5 through adults.

We know the fine work of both these organizations, dedicated to
serving the people of Afghanistan, no matter how the situation evolves.

Therefore, let's continue with the same guidelines for our last
completed campaign for Aschiana. Will you join us?

Please use the guidelines here --"

Time to cast on!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Blanket dimensions

Hi.  I am wondering what are the usual dimensions for blankets?  I know that they are decided when there is a need, but it seems like the dimensions are usually the same, only I can't remember what they are.  The thing is, I need to use up some of my stash, which is overflowing all of its containers.  I also want something quick and easy to do to keep my hands busy when I watch TV or drink my morning coffee.  Getting tired of knitting socks and baby sweaters (expecting twin grandsons any day now).  So I have started on a garter stitch-large needles-2-or-3-yarns-at-a-time blanket.  I have a width of 43 inches, which could be the length, if that is too large.  If I make it too small, I can always pick up stitches to add a border.  I just need a rough guideline.  If we never need a blanket again, I'll just keep it.  (No, the babies won't need any blankets--their mom has lots, and I would never expect a mom of twins and a toddler to hand-wash anything).  The blanket is turning out really pretty and very warm.  I just need to know when to stop.  :-)